If you are a franchise owner or operator, you’ve gotten this far using a combination of determination and a lot of long hours. To keep growing and succeeding, you need an operational intelligence tool that allows you to make critical decisions fast, with strategic information from all operational sectors, reporting in real-time.

Undoubtedly, you already employ a number of information systems: POS, inventory, labor/time management/payroll, vendor management, accounting, marketing, customer service, and loyalty programs. If you are large enough, your staff includes IT pros that install and monitor your programs and provide report pipelines that keep you informed.

Still, even on a good day, you are plagued by the need to check multiple data source reports, some of which are dated. As a result, your ability to see everything and make informed, real-time decisions is iffy.

Franchise Scorecards lets you see everything at once

Franchise Scorecards is your solution. Franchise Scorecards is an enterprise platform that gathers information from all operations sources and presents it in a clear, concise visual format. To make that information even more useful, Franchise Scorecards includes an analytics engine that compares current data with past performance to quickly highlight problems and opportunities.

To aid your decision-making process, Franchise Scorecards features enhanced visuals: performance KPI displays, graphs, and speedometers, as well as reference charts like benchmarks and P&Ls. The advanced Franchise Scorecards platform gathers operations intelligence from any source, an important asset for franchises with multiple POS systems.

Network connects insight a franchise unit location

Franchise Scorecards provides real-time data

With Franchise Scorecards, you have the real-time information you need to address current problems and improve operational performance. To better map positive and negative trends, the Franchise Scorecards analytics engine accesses historical data that compares and benchmarks current performance to your operation’s history.

Since Franchise Scorecards is an enterprise platform, data and performance reports are integrated from all branches, outlets, and territories, and are shared at all levels: corporate, regional, and unit. Interactions on the platform are shared in real-time, on any device connected to the platform: desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.

With Franchise Scorecards, you can make the informed decisions that enable your success and meet your franchise goals.

Franchise Scorecards saves time

The Franchise Scorecards success platform automatically updates your metrics and KPIs in real-time, regardless of the source, eliminating the cumbersome and labor-intensive team effort to gather data and generate reports each month.

For senior management, Franchise Scorecards provides high-level information that allows better strategic and tactical decision-making. For comparative purposes, Franchise Scorecards can display data from multiples sources at the same time, like sales levels plus salespeople compensation. As needed, you can drill down into any data source to isolate a problem or to generate an optimized change in procedures.

Franchise Scorecards is easy to customize

Every franchise has unique procedures and needs. Fortunately, Franchise Scorecards is easy to customize. Access to the platform is password-protected, so senior management can decide who has access and can easily and quickly deny continued access to a departing employee.

On the data level, you have considerable control over what data you want to view and the format in which it is displayed. You can view one or a number of data screens at the same time. You can use filters to determine data by type, date, period, and other parameters.

Franchise Scorecard’s customization features ensure you are receiving exactly the information you need to make the right decisions. 

Automotive repair franchise employee working on a car

Franchises Scorecards provides alerts

An effective franchise manager needs the ability to address operations problems quickly. In addition to its powerful visualizations, the Franchise Scorecards analytics engine uncovers operations discrepancies, like an inventory shortfall or a hot lead. With a few quick clicks, you can share alerts with a single unit manager or via a franchise-wide broadcast that brings everyone on your team up to speed.

Franchise Scorecards improves marketing

Franchise Scorecards is a smart way to analyze the effectiveness of promotions designed to attract and engage customers and boost unit revenue growth. The platform allows your marketing team to sync strategic KPIs from an unlimited number of sales and marketing tools and analyze results in real-time. These insights will help your team adapt their efforts to produce increased ROI and focus your outreach efforts to customers.

Franchise Scorecards is a training platform, too

As an enterprise platform, Franchise Scorecards serves your training and coaching needs. You can upload, edit, and share training and operations materials using the Franchise Scorecards database and then create a self-service, password-protected virtual training hub. The training hub can include instructional step-by-step procedures, videos, and FAQs.

Franchise Scoreboards improve compliance

Your franchises work best when they comply with protocols and policies. Franchise Scorecards allows you to monitor performance on a unit or chainwide basis to ensure consistency and standardization, in operations as well as in sales and marketing procedures. When discrepancies arise, management can quickly address the parties involved.

Alcohol and liquor retail franchise using the Franchise Scorecards success umbrella platform

Use Franchise Scorecards to better manage your franchise

Franchise Scoreboards is a comprehensive franchise operational success solution powered by real-time information and optimized with an analytics engine, with critical decision-making information presented in an easy-to-view, easy-to-use format. By utilizing its features, you can better:

  • Grow unit revenues
  • Improve unit profitability
  • Ensure all franchisees have up-to-date information
  • Improve communication and engagement among franchisees
  • Attract and engage customers with effective marketing
  • Manage onboarding in one place
  • Track compliance across the entire franchise

To learn more: contact us today, or you can request a demo for you and your team.