Although business intelligence (BI) software has become more widespread, there is still some resistance among franchisors who don’t entirely trust the technology. For instance, some franchisees may worry that using a centralized data warehouse will create a drag on their autonomy. Since many franchisees go into the business to become their own boss, it’s crucial to adopt BI applications that retain the freedom of individual franchises.

Franchise Scorecards specializes in franchise software for decision-makers. We focus on business intelligence, data visualizations, and organizational success. Learn how the right franchise operational business platform can transform your franchise operations:

Why Choose Our Franchise Success Solution? 

A franchise management platform can make your franchise structure transparent and facilitate decision-making. However, it’s just one ingredient in the recipe for success. The culture you create determines how well your tools can impact the achievement of goals and growth.

It benefits franchisors to train their managers on how to use data to create insight. Insight provides actionable information that improves business performance. With a bit of guidance, franchise leaders can use KPIs to proactively improve engagement with clients or customers, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Data Centralization and Insights Into Individual Franchises

Real-time data available through business intelligence tools can help you see the big picture. It can also help you zoom in on the performance of individual franchises. Franchise management software isn’t meant for ranking or comparison tools to intimidate franchisors— instead, they can use the available information to make better business decisions.

Data centralization improves everyone’s understanding of their business. With more information, you can better predict future performance and strategize how to utilize your strengths and improve upon weaknesses.

Profit from Information Sharing

Franchisors can use BI tools to learn from sister franchises. Sharing information with business users on the same level can help the entire chain avoid expensive mistakes. Data visualization allows them to review steps taken to overcome business problems. At the same time, successful approaches at one franchise may serve as a model for the rest of the chain. In this way, BI helps the entire organization become smarter.

BI Data Helps You Spot the Details

Franchise Scorecards solutions work on mobile devices as well as on desktops. We break down business performance with visual tools, which simplify data analysis and make it easy to spot trends you might otherwise miss. The umbrella term ‘target setting’ refers to KPIs, which track your progress toward specific goals. They typically concern the overarching goals of the franchise but can include more detailed milestones particular to each franchise.

Business intelligence uses machine learning to enhance your data analyzing efforts. From supply chain issues to customer service, the more data you have, the easier it is to make solid decisions. Optimized BI platforms provide instant insight and use artificial intelligence to become more agile and valuable over time.

At Franchise Scorecards, our franchise management software is an umbrella platform that sits on top of all your current and future software, providing you with real-time operational intelligence. To learn about how our decision-making software platform can help your franchise grow, reach out to our team today!