Franchise Real-Time Operational Success

An Enterprise Platform Helping Entire Franchisor Organizations Interactively Increase Financial Success – Unit by Unit

Your operating KPIs and strategic concept metrics have
something to say – Can you hear it?

Franchise Enterprise Real-Time Operational Success Platform

An Enterprise Platform Helping Entire Franchisor Organizations Interactively Increase Financial Success – Unit by Unit

Your strategic data and operating KPIs have something to say – Can you hear it?

Helping franchise organizations increase operational success, personalized to your franchise systems' needs

Franchise Scorecards is an enterprise platform that integrates all franchisee unit (and franchisor) department software and measurement systems under one umbrella application. Our easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy Scorecard technology application measures, and manages real-time data from: POS systems, CRM, loyalty programs, royalty applications, legacy software, customer service, accounting systems, marketing, inventory, labor, time management, payroll, Excel, and any other strategic information you have both at the franchisor and franchisee level.

Franchise Scorecards is a proud member of the International Franchise Association Supplier Forum, supporting IFA members with vital insights into every type of franchise operation.

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As Real-Time Intelligence Operational specialists, we help franchisor corporate, regional, and unit leadership interactively manage critical franchisee proforma and historical information as it happens anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Franchise Development: Drive more revenue, make confident cost-effective decisions to grow your pipeline efficiently and improve engagement by monitoring performance against goals

Franchise Support: Provide your franchisees the resources they need to fully integrate and track KPIs across all marketing efforts and customer data

Provide financial benchmarks and performance management KPIs in real-time to help franchisees’ make proactive decisions to increase financial success

Franchisee Management: Handle all critical functions and standards for effective employee management and compliance with high-level analytics

Focus your franchise business plan: Gauge overarching operational performance to prioritize and implement achievable plans that support and hold franchisees accountable

Our Franchise Alerts and Coaching Module is an interactive, training engagement platform designed to help franchisee’s increase their success by following franchisor system processes.


By providing both the franchisor and the franchisee easy-to-view and easy-to-understand visual presentations like speedometers, dashboards, performance KPI displays, benchmarks, P&Ls, graphs and executive dashboards, we offer the franchise industry success systems that can scale.

Optimized franchise systems: Manage and forecast multi-unit PKIs by optimizing your current systems (CRM, POST, QBO). Run automatic benchmarking of top performers by territory or across the entire Franchise

Customer connections: Stay engaged with customers at every stage and assess value behind the marketing activities of each location by evaluating metrics against goals for any given time period

Be informed on unit profitably adjustments needed to be managed by seeing financial data as it changes

Systemize human resources: Monitor multi-unit HR demands through a single source of truth to streamline efforts across onboarding & training, liability, benefits, hours worked, etc. 

Data transparency: Leverage full visibility of all key operational processes to gain insight of profitability, compliance, and target goals

Using your franchise systems’ KPI’s, strategic proformas, training goals and best practice metrics, Franchise Scorecards success platform automatically coaches and advises your managers proactively in real time through automated email and text alerts, messages, visual speedometers and integrated communication systems on how and when to make immediate changes in their operational actions when needed.

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Founded by one of the leading innovative companies in the field of business intelligence dashboards, the Franchise Scorecards team has been shaped by the many digital transformations of clients across various industries over time – providing us the expertise to support your needs for long-term success.